The Three Steps to More Impact, Influence and Income as An Author
Without having to chase up your friends and family to buy and share your book.

The Hard Truth

  • The world is desperate for your input and happy to carry on without it.
  • There are millions of books, authors and opportunities for attention.
  • Most authors.. Have a passion for being author, some are open to sharing and speaking, but not all.. Of those who are .. Most aren’t polished presenters, or experienced at building their teams and systems to magnify and amplify their platforms and efforts.

If you want to get breakthrough results, you have to do things and be things that most aren’t. That’s where Author Marketing Group comes in.

Step 1 – Clarity
Clarity of Your Customer – Customer Avatars / Archetypes
Clarity of Your Message
Clarity of Your Audience
Clarity of Your Mechanics

Step 2 – Certainty
Certainty that you are ready to speak and share
Certainty others have about you that you are consistent and professional
Certainty of the market place in who you are and what you stand for
Certainty that it’s worth their time and reputation to work and be seen with you

Step 3 – Connections
Connecting with the right people
Connecting the dots for the readers to become raving fans
Connecting your systems for success
Connecting with the wider and author ecosystem