A Quick History of AMG

  • 2000


    Since before 2000, the founders of Author Marketing Group™ have been authoring content and publishing it, and helping others do the same.

  • 2020 May


    In 2020, on 26th May, Author Marketing Group™ was formed and founded on the back of long standing connections and as it became clear that it was time and necessary for there to be a shift and a stand for something real, ethical and valuable for authors and readers.

    2020 May

  • 2020 September

    First Five Founders

    By the 9th September 2020 the first Five Founder members were selected and approved for membership.

  • 2021

    Goal: 100 Founder Members

    We are on track for the first 100 Founder Members to be selected in 2021. Quality & Fit is key, and clearly with global events live meetings can’t happen as planned.